Outdoor Projections

Outdoor projections are a temporary installation of static or animated messages such as a graphic, a logo, a slogan or even just a year. There are almost no limits to the projection formats themselves, as lasers have a depth of field in all areas. A laser system can easily project needle-sharp images over a wide range of large facades and surfaces. Laser systems already enable extremely bright and spectacular projections with the lowest energy consumption (less than 1 kW!). These can be projected onto a building façade - made of stone, metal or plastic - but also onto unconventional surfaces such as satellite dishes, forests, domes or entire mountain massifs. Even where no façade is available, projections can be made directly onto asphalt surfaces or snow. Even columnar bodies such as gas boilers or the texturing of steel structures are no problem. In other words, outdoor projections are very undemanding as far as the projection surface is concerned. The technology is excellently suited for outdoor use, not least because of the good visibility. At such events, the projections usually run continuously every evening until the early hours of the morning.

02D036 Lasershow Eventservice Outdoor Spectacles Millennium Projection on Table Mountain Cape Town 1

Outdoor projections

Millennium Projection, Cape Town

A project that seemed to exceed physical limits. The question: "Is it possible to create a giant projection on Table Mountain as a central landmark of Cape Town?" LOBO answered "Yes" and, as the first company in the world, used several high-end Coherent "VIPER" DPSS lasers for this purpose.

Outdoor projections

ESC Display, Baku

Two sparks® lasers brought the facade of the carpet museum (which cost 70 million Euro) to life at night – extending over a length of approximately 150 meters directly at the ESC venue. Combined, the two lasers covered the whole building. A LACON-5® ensured an almost seamless transition between the two projections. While video projections would have suffered from issues in depth focus at the given projection distances on the shape and reflective properties of the building surface, the sparks® lasers created a crisp and brilliant image all over the projection area.

02E01200 Lasershow Eventservice Outdoor Projections Experimenta Beam and Building Projection

Outdoor projections

experimenta Outdoor Display, Heilbronn

As a special eye-catcher during the opening event of the Science Center "experimenta" in Heilbronn, a grandiose multimedia show was projected in a gala tent as well as directly onto the outer facade of the building.

 sparks on EnBW Igloo WEF Davos Sunset

Outdoor projections

EnBW / World Economic Forum, Davos

During the famous World Economic Forum in Davos, where the Who's Who of business and politics gather, an ultra-bright sparks laser system illuminated a mighty "igloo", which served as VIP lounge for the energy company EnBW in the outdoor area of the Hotel Steigenberger Belvedère. The special feature of this dome projection: The elaborate laser animations on the topic of "Renewable Energies" could be seen perfectly and without distortion from the outside as well as from the inside - thanks to the high efficiency of the sparks systems, and this with just 1 kW of energy consumption.

09C02700 sparks Anwendungen Europa Park Satellite Dish

Outdoor projections

"Radio Telescope" – Europa-Park Resort, Rust

Right next to the Euro-Mir on the festival grounds, the monstrous radio telescope antenna rises into the sky. The satellite dish has a diameter of 45 m and thus provides a striking background for TV productions or for the legendary Halloween shows – especially when gigantic projections are performed on it by laser. It is hard to believe what an effect a single sparks® laser projector can have on the simple wire mesh.

14B06600 Screens Anwendungen waterscreen spray spraywaterscreen sw11

Outdoor projections

Summer Well Festival, Buftea (6 years)

Summer Well Festival is a music festival that takes place in Buftea, just outside the Romanian capital Bucharest. Every August, the biggest names in indie, rock and pop unite there. Although the festival has quickly gained reputation, its unique and intimate atmosphere remains. The quietly located event site in a winding wooded area near a historic palace is nevertheless often filled to bursting with numerous stages and installations. Year after year, however, the highlight since 2016 has been a Spray Water Screen, which provides magical moments at the small forest lake.

Neversea Festival 00

Outdoor projections

Neversea Festival, Constanta

The organizers of the Neversea Festival - the largest beach festival in Europe - came up with something special for the premiere in 2017: a huge spray water screen floating in the sea, onto which advertising from the main sponsor Orange was projected, among other things. The festival, which is celebrated in the southern Romanian city of Constanta directly on the beach of the Black Sea, immediately inspired around 150,000 visitors over 3 days. No wonder, with greats like Jason Derulo, Tiësto, Rita Ora or Dua Lipa performing live at this event.


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