Laser Systems & Multimedia Equipment for Cruise Ships & Yachts

LOBO also has the right laser system for cruise ships and large private yachts. Cruise ships usually have onboard theaters with capacity for several hundred or thousands of spectators, where laser systems are either integrated into elaborate stage productions, sometimes with actors, or function as a completely independent performance component – but always integrated into a harmonized and easy-to-operate control concept. Additional laser systems on the pool deck often provide various projections up to spectacular beam shows with fan and tunnel effects directly into the audience. On luxurious larger private yachts, sometimes with a length of more than 100 meters, laser shows on the sun deck provide unforgettable entertainment for the party guests. LOBO also offers solutions to attract attention in the night sky with bow-mounted laser systems or to project messages onto surfaces such as rocks or walls in the harbor – in line with the owner's preferences.

03C00900 Lasershow Installations Cruise Ships Queen Mary 2 Starboard View

Cruise ships and yachts

Cunard Lines, Queen Mary 2

The world’s largest cruise liner sails with LOBO lasers. Controlled by DMX, thus perfectly integrated in the lighting control concept of the „Royal Court Theatre“ two maintenance-free laser systems create special effects just at the press of a button.

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Cruise ships and yachts

Madame Gu

The sleek 99-meter yacht impresses with its stylish lines, spread over 4 decks. A carried helicopter can be elegantly parked in a hangar under the hydraulically opening squash court. Two ultra-bright sparks laser systems, housed almost invisibly in the futuristic-looking fiberglass dome for satellite connectivity and navigation, can project writings and beams into the sky visible for miles both in the direction of travel and aft. Two more marine-grade bliss-X4A projectors provide exciting shows on the party deck.

03A015 Lasershow Installations Cruise Ships Costa Magica Outside View

Cruise ships and yachts

Costa Cruises, 5 Ships

After negative experiences with other laser show companies, Europe's largest cruise line now exclusively relies on LOBO laser systems in all of its new ships. The Serena, Concordia, Magica, Fortuna and Mediterranea fascinate more than 1,000 passengers in their grand on-board theaters, each equipped with multiple laser projectors and a perfectly harmonized control concept, in sophisticated stage productions.

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Cruise ships and yachts

Rising Sun

The "Rising Sun" is with 138 m length one of the largest mega yachts in the world. Her engine power is over 48,000 hp.  She has 82 rooms on 5 decks with an area of 8,000 m² an own helipad. Two custom-built, movable, ocean-going enclosures at the stern of the ship house LOBO laser projection systems, fed via fiber optic cable from an X-15 multicolor laser mounted inside the ship. They can be used to project fonts and brilliant laser effects that can be seen for miles into the night sky.

03C02300 Lasershow Installations Cruise Ships Celebrity Cruises Century Luftaufnahme

Cruise ships and yachts

Royal Caribbean, 3 boats

The Mercury, Galaxy and Century were the first cruise ships with a massive use of lasers – not just in the show lounge, but also on the pool deck and a bow laser projector. All laser projectors are fed by a central laser system by glass fibers. A switching mechanism makes sure that the maximum of laser power is available there where it is currently required.


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