infinity beam®

With the success of the sparks series, LOBO has proven to be able to build the world‘s brightest multi-color entertainment lasers. The new infinity beam projector takes everything, which made sparks so successful, to the next level.

Unlike any other entertainment technology, the brilliant beam of an infinity beam projector pierces trough the night sky for dozens of miles.

Custom-designed long-range optics and projection heads as well as a moving head base option make infinity beam not only a high-end alternative to regular sky-tracking searchlights with a reach increased by several orders of magnitude, but also a laser entertainment system for the masses with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Product overview

Years ago, LOBO did pioneering work with the groundbreaking PCS system. This proprietary optical system increased the effective brightness of the then strongest multicolor OPSL lasers by a factor of more than 9. For typical show applications, the infinity beam® system is also available with this technology - but with significantly higher performance and a razor-sharp TEM00 laser beam.

For even more demanding applications, the infinity beam® is also available with dedicated

long range display heads for single beams or projections. The completely newly developed DSC optics used here, trimmed for maximum performance even outshine LOBO's own PCS system and ensure an increase in brightness by up to 50 times over long distances.

This unique combination of unparalleld multicolor power with market-leading power density and highest flexibility marks the beginning of a new era for large-scale laser entertainment.

Product Features

Unparalleled long-range brightness

The core of any infinty beam® is formed by up to 4 ultra-high-power OPSL laser modules, each of them delivering output powers up to 26 W with a reference-quality TEM00 beam, resulting in total max. powers in the 100 W range. But to deliver its unparalleled reach and real-life brightness, just a lot of Watts is not enough.

The effective brightness of a laser system finally depends on the light intensity in the air and on maintaining this intensity over long distances: Twice the power means twice the brightness. But half the diameter of a beam means an increase of approximately 4 times in effective brightness (as the beam shrinks in two directions).

So the beam diameter and its divergence have a much stronger influence on the visibility than just the output power of a laser. Thus, investing money in a better beam makes more sense than investing it in more Watts. The estabilshed PCS system introduced by LOBO with sparks® already reduced the beam divergence by 3 times, resulting in an effective brightness increased by the factor 3² = 9.

The completely new DSC long-range optics inside infinity beam result in a phenomenal increase in brightness over long distances by up to 50 times! A laser entertainment system with such specifications changes the whole game and opens whole new possibilities in entertaining the masses.

Even the brigthtest regular searchlights are looking poor over long distances compared to what infinity beam® can do. Crossing distances of up to 60 km suddenly become reality. With new long-range projection heads, infinty beam even delivers convincing results under adverse conditions, such as a high ambient light level or projections over long distances.

A professional entertainment laser without compromises

For regular show use, there is a wide choice of solutions on the market. But when it came to realizing widely visible beams or projections, designs where often rather adventurous. Some companies even experiment with industry lasers, originally built for completely different areas of use. Such lasers lack anything you need for show applications. They are bulky and sensitive as they have been designed for controlled environments. Infinity beam® on the other hand provides an extremely flexible multi-color infrastructure for long-range applications and giant show performances without any compromises:

  • Compact, flexible, self-sufficient design (no sensitive and bulky machines, no fibers,...)
  • Simple set-up and operation (industry lasers are not made for road use and very complex)
  • Maintenance-free (industry lasers are subject to frequent and regular maintenance intervals)
  • Completely air-cooled up to 35°C (high-power industry lasers require water cooling)
  • Rigid, weather-proof design (industry lasers are built for laboratory/industrial use only)
  • Multicolor laser (industry lasers are usually only available in green)
  • Higher beam intensity even with significantly lower output power over large distances thanks to DSC

The following graph compares the typical effective laser brightness of an established 400 W industrial laser, which is also sold for show purposes, with that of an infinity beam system with only 26 W over a distance of 10 km - despite significantly lower power and the same color (green), the infitity beam system is significantly brighter:

The calculations have been effected on the basis of the ELB formula printed in the LOBO main catalog and the specifications published by the respective manufacturers at the date of publishing (15.01.2014). LOBO does not assume any reliability for the correctness of these specifications.

Built for Extremes

Infinity beam® systems are native outdoor projectors. Thanks to their dual-shell stainless steel IP54 housing, they are built for temporary outdoor use without the need for further protective housings. Anything inside is built to handle extreme power densities, which would destroy regular market-standard components immediately. This starts with supreme optical components and ends with especially designed scanning systems.

Integrated System Design

It takes a lot of expertise and sophisticated cooling systems, to operate long-range laser systems. Usually they require external units, such as chillers with water cooling. LOBO managed to integrate all components, including a cooling system for high ambient temperatures, into a compact enclosure. This allows easy handling, transport, short setup times and a hazzle-free operation.

Future-proof and modular

With flexible laser configuration and exchangable display heads, such as beam heads or projection heads for medium or large distances, an infinity beam® system can be adjusted optimally to any application. Lasers can be added, display heads can be exchanged or the Moving Base can be upgraded at any time without large investments.

Advanced Control

DDL-2® allows for the control of several independent systems with only one optical signal cable across large distances and without electromagnetic interference. A system-inherent saftey logic allows for all safety monitoring systems of all components to trigger an emergency off of the entire system. All system features and status displays can be controled via remote or via the controller.

Systems with beam heads including the Moving Base can also be fully controlled via DMX.

On basis of the LACON-5® controll platform, infinity beam systems installed in different locations can be synchronized wirelessly via GPS – even across continents!!

Virtually maintenance-free

The infinity beam® series is designed for maintenance-free, reliable continuous operation. In contrast to established solutions, time-consuming, permanent readjustments are not even necessary in road usage. The laser modules have a typical lifetime of more than 10,000 operating hours.

Easy handling

The system allows for quick assembly. Mounting and taring to the Moving Base is done with special quick locks. Camlocks allow for an easy traverse mounting.

Safety Remarks for Beam Display Heads

infinity beam® is a class 4 laser product with extreme output powers. Due to the extraordinarily low divergence, safety distances of many kilometers may apply. Especially when using Beam Display Heads, users have to take special safety measures.

The product features a selective, wavelength-dependent and unified irradiance adjustment, not only to increase the reach and brightness of the beam, but also to adapt the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) levels to different setup conditions (e.g. airports in reach). On long distances, also beam movement can significantly reduce safety hazards. Only especially educated persons should operate such systems. Buyers receive a free laser safety training including certification as laser safety officer according to BGVB 2 (VGB93).

Special safety measures have to be taken by qualified staff to avoid risk of eye damage, skin damage or fire. The beam must not be directed into the audience or into populated areas. To avoid such problems, LOBO developed in addition to the integrated safety features also an adjustable mechanical beam block, immediately switching off the moving base and the lasers in case of mechanical contact.

Laser beams can generally affect air traffic and distract or impair pilots during flight. Even accidential blinding of aircraft pilots has to be avoided under any circumstances. In many countries, severe penalties may apply in case of violations.

Qualified surveillance staff (plane spotters) and additional technical measures, such as ADS-B-based aircraft tracking services or airspace safety scanning devices according to the AS6029 standard, are highly recommended to avoid incidents of such nature.

As one of these suportive measures, LOBO provides an automated aispace surveillance option with position detection by GPS and an ADS-B-based air traffic surveillance system, leading to a fade-out when detected aircrafts enter the saftey zone.

Examples of use

To give you a better impression of the quality and flexible applications of the products, you can find photos and videos and different application examples here:

infinity beam – Live in Use

On top of the Thyssen Test Tower in Rottweil, at a height of 246 m, the night sky is slowly being scanned horizontally with an ultra-bright infinity beam. Majestically, following an impressive opening show, the infinity beam continues to penetrate the sky for hours with a brightness of 44,683 W/m² and is visible for miles and miles.

infinity beam – Project Visualization

Feasibility study of two projects based on infinity beam technology in the Middle East. Visualization of the technical concept in form of a computer-generated video. As the infinity beam was not only developed to be weather-proof and as ultra-bright laser for extreme distances, but can also be configured individually, a large variety of projects can be realized with this laser. In the static single beam version, it can for example be used as "direction indicator" to Mecca for various mosques, as inumerous infinity beams can be synchronized over any desired distance; alternatively, as shown with the example Burj Khalifa, as Moving Single Beam version - or, as also visualized, with a Projection Display Head for uncountable moving beams. One way or the other: with the infinity beam, a building will become a widely visible eyecatcher.

infinity beam – Presentation

This video shows 4 infinity beam systems with outputs of up to 88 W with up to 4 Coherent New Vipers per system. infinity beam features exchangeable Display Heads - such as the so-called "Long-Range Beam Display Head", which can generate extremely bright beams into the sky with an extraordinarily long reach. In this configuration, the systems can be fully controlled via DMX. For projections, several beams as well as spatial beam effects, there are alternatively so-called "Projection Display Heads" (here, a version with increased reach is also available). The infinity beam systems shown here were installed in a distance of up to 10 km to each other; time synchronization of the systems among each other and with the music is done via GPS.

infinity beam – Dimensions

The impressive dimensions of the infinity beam are a first indicator for the gigantic brightness that can be expected.

infinity beam – Brightness

The ultra-bright beam of the infinity beam does not seem to end at the horizon of the night sky - it appears to have an almost inifnite reach.

infinity beam – Colors

The inifnity beam is not only available in the usual green variant, but also in a particularly striking "mango red" version. With double or quadruple arrangement, interesting mixed colors can also be generated.

infinity beam – Visibility

The beam of the infinity beam in the "mango red" version is also characterized by its unsurpassed brightness.

infinity beam – Outdoor Chassis

The solid, double-shell outdoor chassis of the infinity beam is made from stainless steel and features protection class IP-54, being protected from dust and spray water from all directions.

infinity beam – Display Buttons

In order to optimally adjust the infinity beam to different applications, exchangeable display buttons, such as Beam Heads for single beams, or Projector Heads for large-scale projectiosn are available - in medium- and long-range versions.

infinity beam – Projections (1)

The infinity beam is particularly suited for large-scale outdoor projections. This image shows a projection onto a forest from a distance of 1.5 km. It also demonstrates the extreme improvement of brightness and sharpness when using a long range projection display head with DSC of the typeIBPL-4

infinity beam – Projections (2)

The daylight image from the perspective of the infinity beam projector clearly shows that this is a "regular" forest on a slope, onto which a projection is made from a comparatively large distance.

infinity beam – Projections (3)

In this aerial photography, the actual distances become even more apparent: a projection with a width of ca. 400 m and a projection distance of ca. 1.5 km.


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