The LOBO Difference

Around 25 years of experience with a myriad of challenging rental and installation projects, as well as the unique synergy between technical innovations and outstanding creative skills, make a clear difference that is immediately recognizable in every LOBO project.

Next-Generation Equipment

Conventional laser systems consist of a multitude of independent devices from different manufacturers. With the new generation of the ILDA award-winning DDL® system, LOBO offers a range of perfectly matched devices that work together as one unit: they communicate via a high-speed optical data bus,

which contains the most sophisticated laser safety logic on the market. The detection of malfunctions as well as the configuration of all components is done at the laser controller. The digital DDL-2® bus can also transmit almost all types of signals (e.g. audio, DMX, RS-232,...) without additional cables over almost any distance. 

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LOBO is considered an innovation leader and a driving force in the field of laser display technology. For example, it was LOBO engineers who developed the first color mixing unit ready for series production, the first safety measurement system for laser shows or the first digital signal transmission system. For LOBO customers this means that they can be sure to be far ahead of the general market development and to invest in solutions with high value stability.

Wartungsfreier Systemaufbau

Maintenance free system design

When buying a LOBO system, you are not encouraged to sign a service contract, because reliable continuous function is the top priority of developments at LOBO. This results in the use of long-term tested and high-quality components, reliable software solutions and the use of state-of-the-art digital technology instead of mechanical effect groups ("optical banks"). Adjustments have to be done only once after installation at the controller.

Modularisiertes Produktsortiment

Modularized product range

LOBO is a broadly positioned producer of laser systems. From the controller to the projector, all components are developed and manufactured in-house. This ensures an unsurpassed quality standard as well as an optimal interaction of the devices. All components follow a modular system design, so that a laser system can be exactly adapted to specific requirements by individually assembling the components of a laser system like building blocks.

wirklich Helligkeit

What really counts: Brightness

With video projectors, nobody is interested in the wattage of the lamp, but only in the brightness of the projector. Until today, however, many people think that a laser with the highest possible wattage must also be particularly bright, although the beam data of a laser in particular often have a much stronger influence on the effective brightness of a system. Therefore, as an equivalent to "lumens" for video projectors, LOBO has introduced the comparative value ELB for lasers, which indicates the area power of a laser at a certain distance (typically 200 m) in W/m2. At the same time, LOBO consistently trims all its systems to maximum brightness. For example, LOBO developed an optical system called PCS, which practically increases the effective brightness by a factor of nine!


Digital Data Link DDL-2®

The ILDA award-winning DDL® system for digital transmission of control data has revolutionized the way laser show technology is handled. Multiple projectors can be controlled over long distances with a single optical cable, independent of weather and electro- magnetic interference. DDL® devices contain safety monitoring systems that trigger an emergency shutdown in less than 0.005 s in the event of a fault.

The new DDL-2® protocol allows remote maintenance of all devices from the controller. Troubleshooting, tracking down wiring problems and last-minute reconfigurations are thus a matter of a few mouse clicks. DDL-2® converters with various interfaces transmit control signals to any location. Even complex multimedia shows require only one optical cable. This saves setup time and increases reliability.

Next-Generation Service 

LOBO strives for a long-lasting professional partnership with its customers. Consequently, LOBO customers receive individual support from the very beginning, including a comprehensive after-sales service package that ensures that LOBO solutions reach and maintain their maximum potential as quickly as possible.

This begins with professional media consulting services and planning services, continues with a comprehensive training program including certification as a laser safety officer, and accompanies the user with qualified support over the entire lifetime of a system.

Fuhrend in punkto

Leading the way in creativity

For many years in a row, LOBO has received more ILDA Awards for outstanding creative achievements than any other company in the world. In total, LOBO has been awarded 178 of the renowned "Laser Oscars" by the "International Laser Display Association". This makes LOBO also a leader in the creative field.

Personliche Schulung

Personal training

If you purchase a LOBO product, the purchase price includes personal instruction in the function and handling of the products at LOBO. This ensures the best possible usability of the product in the specific application.

the Difference Icons Premium Lifetime Support Kopie

Premium support for life

LOBO customers receive unlimited support by phone and e-mail for products purchased from LOBO. Using the new HelpLink function, LACON-5® users can even grant LOBO service engineers remote access to the system. This allows almost as fast and targeted support as if the specialist was sitting right next to them.

The Difference 24h Reaction Time Guarantee Kopie

24 h response time guaranteed

LOBO guarantees a maximum response time of 24 hours to service requests. As LOBO keeps all typically required spare parts in stock, LOBO customers can rely on a fast and effective solution of technical problems.

Multimedia Imagineering

Multimedia Imagineering

LOBO is an established full-service provider of world-renowned multimedia spectacles, including not only lasers, but also lighting, video, audio, screens, water, fireworks, trussing, special effects and media control. The unique LOBO studios are equipped with state-of-the-art media technology, which allows to demonstrate, pre-program or rehearse even the biggest shows under realistic conditions.

Zertifizierung Laserschutzbeauftragten

Certification as Laser Safety Officer

Professional laser systems must be operated in accordance with established safety standards. In addition to multiple redundant safety precautions in each system and the development of safety measurement systems, LOBO's purchase price of a complete system includes the usually expensive training and certification of the operating personnel as laser safety officers according to BGVB 2 (VGB 93).

The Difference Emergency Hotline Kopie

24 h emergency phone number

In case of serious technical problems or malfunctions, qualified LOBO engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via LOBO's emergency hotline.


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