Multimedia shows often combine several projection media, such as video and laser projections. Different projection levels can also be staggered, e.g. a Holoflow in front of a classic screen, creating a free-floating 3D effect. Other projection levels, such as combinations of water screens with building facades, are also possible. Lighting effects such as moving lights, as well as special effects such as scent, wind or fire are often used for extra effect. If you want, artists and actors can also be elegantly integrated into these productions. In most cases, these multimedia shows also require a completely separate content creation in the form of video, laser animation or even the complete soundtrack with voiceover - all this can be individually produced in the LOBO studios to create a breathtaking performance.

 Wirtgen Group Technology Days Multimedia World of Quality

Multimedia shows

Vögele – World of Quality, Ludwigshafen

In a purpose-built 8-mast tent covering a space of 110x60m LOBO created for 3.500 guests of a sales event an unforgettable evening with uncounted eye catchers and various show blocks. A giant multimedia spectacular was the highlight of the evening, featuring 6 laser projectors, large-scale video projections and Water Screens. The completely individually produced show consisted of sophisticated 3D computer animationes with perfectly matching laser graphics and video content.

02E011 Lasershow Eventservice Multimedia Voegele Super 600 1

Multimedia shows

Voegele Innovation Forum, Mannheim

For its first Innovation Forum the German leader in road pavers Voegele has chosen LOBO to handle all media, stage and show services. LOBO provided anything to make a dirty factory hall a innovatively lighted ballroom, to illuminate the factory area and the exhibits outside, to make speakers being heard an seen and certainly to stage a multimedia show featuring laser and a ulta-widescreen video projection, none of the attending persons will ever forget. But also at daylight LOBO provided mobile PA, a mobile LED Truck and a camera team for live product presentation.

[Translate to English:] Gazprom St Petersburg AMACEON 1

Multimedia shows

Gazprom Anniversary, St. Petersburg

For a 60-years anniversary of Gazprom, LOBO created a total of 5 show blocks during the whole evening, using high-performance laser systems, a 30 meter video projection in the background, as well as hologram-like projections by laser and video on a Water Screen in the foreground. A 4-stories theater for 1,200 guests has especially been built around the multimedia experience. The underlying show production including music, computer animations, blue box recordings and the multimedia programming, was effected in the LOBO studios. More than 50 people were an involved in the show production.

[Translate to English:] 02A053 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows GL Class Reveal 1

Multimedia shows

Mercedes GL-Presentation, Detroit

It is one of the most important day of Dieter Zetsche, new CEO of Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Chrysler. With the support of a 72 Watts LOBO laser system the new Bluetech concept and the new GL-class was presented with a big bang. Video projections, dancers, pyro effects and the SUV itself were part of this multimedia orchestra. Never before such a sophisticated laser performance could be seen at the Detroit Motor Show.

Multimedia shows

EU-East Expansion Party, Rockycany

It was a very special night, when former EU-president Jaques Santer opens in Czechia the world’s larges production plant for corrugated boards and the country became member of the EU. With an elaborate lighting concept for the whole factory, stage and lighting design as well as show acts not only including a large laser show with TriDome® projections, but also a laser magicians and aerial artist, this evening LOBO created an unforgettable experience for all attending guests.

[Translate to English:] Uralkali Vienna Beam Show 1

Multimedia shows

Uralkali Gala, Wien

Belarus Potash Company, a subsidiary of Uralkali, celebrates a glamorous gala night right in the Imperial Palace of Vienna. It is a get-together of the whole industry as well as of many celebrities including the ‘Vogue’ and Joe Cocker. LOBO was in charge to underline the international status of this rapidly expanding enterprise with a rather abstract and symbolic presentation. Six laser projection heads, four video projectors, Water Screens and fragrance machines were the key ingrediences of the multimedia spectacular.

[Translate to English:] experimenta Logo

Multimedia shows

Opening event experimenta 2009, Heilbronn

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the "experimenta" world of knowledge in Heilbronn, LOBO reliably supplied the creative services, the complete lighting and media technology up to video and transmission technology in a complete package from one source. The highlight of the ceremony was a multimedia show, which was moderated by the Prime Minister himself. It was based on laser and video projections in transparently overlapping layers as well as spatial beams and light effects, which combined to create an optically opulent spectacle.

[Translate to English:] 16B22000 Lasertechnik und Showlaser experimenta 16

Multimedia shows

New opening experimenta 2019, Heilbronn

For the reopening of experimenta, which was expanded to 25,000 m² after 4 years of planning and construction, LOBO again supplies the complete media technology for the opening event. In the presence of the Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and other prominent guests such as Reinhold Würth, Dietmar Hopp and of course also the founder of the foundation Dieter Schwarz, the Science Center, which has been extended by the Science Dome among others - and thus Germany's largest - will be put into operation.

SmartCity Malta Launch Projection on Water Screen

Multimedia shows

SmartCity Launch, Malta

In Malta, Dubai-based real estate group Tecom Investments launched a whole series of massive real-estate projects under the "SmartCity" name, acting as an outpost for the Dubai Internet City and the Dubai Media City around the world. LOBO produced a spectacle – a combination of video, laser and water – specifically for this occasion, showing investors and government representatives the fundamental principles and imposing dimensions of the project.

[Translate to English:]  Munksjoe H2O V1

Multimedia shows

Munksjö, 400-year celebration, Lauchheim

Munksjö, which belongs to the Finnish group Ahlstrom, is considered the world market leader in the field of decor papers. The company, which was already founded in 1613, commissioned LOBO with the multimedia implementation of the ceremonial act taking place at Kapfenburg Castle on the occasion of its 400th anniversary. With three-dimensional laser and video projections on two levels and the use of a water screen, an unforgettable highlight was created for the guests.

Post Austria 1

Multimedia shows

Post Austria, Brussels

On the occasion of a VIP event in the venerable Solvay Library in Brussels, LOBO supplied compact lasers, sound, light and video equipment. Almost invisibly integrated in the room, optical-fiber laser projectors created brilliant atmospheric beam effects in combination with PANI slide projectors and video displays installed into the arcades of the upper floor.

02C01500 Lasershow Eventservice Laser Shows EADS Image Campaign

Multimedia shows

EADS, Munich

For years LOBO produces individual and extraordinarily sophisticated multimedia laser shows for various purposes for its client EADS, responsible for Airbus, Eurocopter and the European Space Agency. Shows include an EADS portrait and a show about the European satellite navigation system Galielo.

02D00500 Lasershow Eventservice Multimedia DEMAG 1

Multimedia shows

DEMAG cranes, Wallerscheid

For the presentation of the new telescopic crane of the AC100 family, LOBO creates a multivision show with the crane as a main actor presented inside the DEMAG production plant. The positive response on the show was the reason why LOBO was hired for a show of similar size in the DEMAG pavilion at the BAUMA fair in Munich.

[Translate to English:]  VR Forum exklusiv 00

Multimedia shows

VR-Bank - Forum exclusiv

In cooperation with Wirtschaft Regional, VR-Bank invites 1,500 guests to the "Forum exclusiv", which focuses on the energy supply of the future. As guest of honor, Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer gives a lecture on the topic "Energy from sun, wind and water". For the realization of the entertainment part of the event LOBO is assigned and presents a slightly modified version of the - perfectly fitting to the occasion - multimedia show "H2O - Source of Life".


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