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Lighting up Saudi Arabia

The first real public amusement event in the history of Saudi Arabia was powered by the Germany-based laser company LOBO.

The 1st of June has been a very special day in Saudi Arabia. So far the traditions of the proud Saudi Arabian people looking back on a glorious past, did not allow any public amusement events. According to the organization commitee, now for the first time in the country's history an entertainment festival should be open to everybody in the Medina arena.

Medina is Saudi Arabia's holy city. For the Moslems, it is almost as important as Mekka and the access to the city center is strictly prohibited to non-moslems

Being active in Arabian countries over more than 10 years now, LOBO was entrusted with realizing a stunning laser spectacle in the presence of representants from the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.

The event was divided in several parts, showing by means of laser scenes of the Prophet's life, the beauty of nature as well as the country's history and culture on a giant Water Screen. The laser show was enhanced by fireworks and hundreds of actors on the field presenting historic fights and folkloric dances.

Temperatures ranging between 40°C and 50° C and only two weeks of preparation, production and shipment made this project an extreme challenge to the LOBO crew. As the laser presentation included many religious parts, LOBO's show designers also had to take special care of the different sense of perception and aesthetics between Western countries and the Arabian culture.



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