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Global Players rely on LOBO

Be it an anniversary of Gazprom in St. Petersburg, a gala night of Uralkali in the Vienna Imperial Palace or the launch of a giant real-estate project by a Dubai company: By means of the latest technology and creative ideas, LOBO amazes global players.

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St. Petersburg, 5. September:

Gazprom, the mighty Russian gas company, with a market value of approx 300 bio US-Dollars the largest European enterprise, celebrates a 60th anniversary. No doubt, an important event throughout Russia, without any option for failure, where the cream of the crop is just good enough.


Strolling through sceneries of the old and the present St. Petersburg more than 1.200 guests of politics and economics enter a temporary four-stories high theater, especially built just for this purpose. Everything is oriented towards the central stage, where laser and multimedia technology of LOBO plays the leading part. Actually, the whole theater has been built around a multimedia experience of LOBO.


Using multiple high-performance laser systems, a 30 meter panoramic video projection in the background, featuring soft-edge blending, as well as hologram-like projections by laser and video on a 150 m2 Water Screen in the foreground, LOBO created a total of 5 show blocks during the whole evening. The show blocks were enriched by dancers, asrtists, programmable fragrance machines as well as colored flame effects.


Everything, including the individually composed music, the Hollywood-standard computer animations, sophisticated blue screen recordings with actors, video compositing as well as the whole programming of laser and multimedia effects, has been produced in the LOBO studios. More than 50 people were an involved in the show production.


As usual at LOBO’s, the show has been re-built in the LOBO studios in advance, allowing the designers together with the client to leade the show to perfection in every detail.


Just a few weeks before in the Imperial Palace in Vienna:

The young Belarus Potash Company, a subsidiary of Uralkali, rising within just a few years to a leading supplier in the fertilizing industry, owning 31 % of the world’s potash reserves and having a market value of approx. 10 bio. US-Dollar, celebrates a glamorous gala night right in the historic heart of Vienna. It is a get-together of the whole industry as well as of many celebrities including the ‘Vogue’ and Joe Cocker.


Also here LOBO was in charge to underline the international status of this rapidly expanding enterprise with a rather abstract and symbolic multimedia show. It was the innovative agency Molto Mosso repeatedly relying on LOBO as an internationally experienced partner for the implementation of extraordinary show concepts.


Six laser projection heads, four video projectors, Water Screens and fragrance machines were the key ingrediences of the multimedia spectacular of the German light wizards.


The same time in Malta:

The lage Dubai-based Tecom Investments group launches a whole series of giant real-estate projects, named SmartyCity. These developments throughout the world are a kind of subsidiary of the Dubai Internet City and the Dubai Media City. Amouting to a total surface of 360.000 m2, Smart City Malta is known as the largest private investment ever on Malta.


Here, LOBO created a individually produced multimedia spectacular, showing government representatives and investors the basic principles and the impressive size of the project, with a vivid interplay of video, lasers and water.


LOBO president Lothar Bopp: „It took many years of hard work, to reach the top of our industry and to establish the trademark “LOBO” as a synonym for outstanding show productions implemented on a high level of technical perfection throughout the whole world. We are proud to see that today LOBO is firmly established among agencies and the marketing departments of international companies as a multimedia solution provider known to handle even most demanding challenges.”

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