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Halloween-Fever at the Europapark

With its Halloween festival, Europapark Rust sets new standards for amusement parks. The southern German laser specialist LOBO will be present with the most powerful mobile multicolor laser system.

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31 October 2003:

Witches and goblins mark the shudder of the traditional Anglo-American Halloween festivities, which also conquered continental Europe over the last years.

In Germany, the Europa Park has been an important center of the Halloween movement for many years now. Hundreds of artists, thousands of pumpkins, among them also the sphere-shaped roller coaster "Eurosat" camouflaged as a giant pumpkin, dominate Germany's largest theme park during this time.

Despite instable weather conditions, at 06:30 p.m. masses of visitors congregated on the festival grounds below the monstrous parabolic satellite dish in order to take part in the opening night of the one-week long Halloween festival.

The spectators get to see a multimedia staging of the Jack O'Lantern story, who gambled with the devil for his soul. The story, suitably adapted for children, is
supported by a grandiose multimedia composition of laser, pyro effects, video, fountains and live performances. One time Jack and the devil appear ghostly projected
by video onto water, another time in real on the stage and from time to time they seem to float above the water basin.

Another highlight is the famous French percussion group "Commandos Percu", whose driving rhythms are supported by perfectly synchronised laser and pyroeffects.

When looking at the initial feedback from Europa Park's internet fan pages, the laser effects in particular enjoy great popularity. As with many other locations inside Europa Park, these were realized by the laser show specialist LOBO from Aalen.

LOBO, who has been an established partner of Europa Park with its laser systems for many years now, installed the world-wide largest mobile multicolor laser system under the stage for this event: A laser truck with a maximum white-light laser power of almost 60 Watt as well as two additional solid state laser projectors at the edge of the stage. Besides that, water screens, innumerable bouncing and effect mirrors as well as radio-controlled fog generators were available on site.

Calren Music Production was responsible for the production of video contents as well as composition and arrangement of the music; the water fountains were realized by the French company Aquatique.


Initial reactions from the amusement park's internet forum:

"From the effects and the laser show itself you can say that it can not be done better, a perfect synchronization between the music and fire works as well as the laser."

"The laser show, the background music as well as the fireworks are top class."

"... technical realization gigantic, precise laser and fire works effects ..."

"LASER grade: 1-"


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