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ILDA Awards 2022 Live In London

LOBO receives more Artistic Awards than any other company in the laser show industry.

After the annual awards show of the International Laser Display Association – ILDA for short – had only been held over a streaming-based "Cloud Conference" in the past two years, the ILDA was now once again able to stage its grand "live comeback" in November 2022 at the ILDA Conference in London, where the "laser industry's Oscars" could be honored with an appropriate award-giving ceremony.

This year, too, the leading positions of the ILDA Artistic Awards were surrounded by fierce competition – with 127 total entries across the various categories – but LOBO was able to win over the jury once more: With a whole six awards for their submitted artistic endeavors, even in 2022 LOBO managed to receive more creative awards than any other laser show company in the field. This means that LOBO continues to lead the ILDA's global rankings, outpacing the competition with now 184 ILDA Awards received over the years of membership.

The highlight – and also "cover model" – of this year's ILDA Awards is the first place in the category "Laser Photography": the electrifying "Tesla Coil" convinced with its stunning three-dimensional laser geometry. But the "Black Hole Eclipse" managed to be an exciting entry as well; its optical illusion of depth earning enough votes for a second place.

In the category "Laser Show with Added Effects/Multimedia", the show "EuroSights – Extended Beam" as a reworked extension of the beam show part of the original "EuroSights" placed second. Show designer Florian Skrzypczak takes responsibility for this standalone beam show version of his previous multimedia show production, now enhanced with fire effects and moving lights.

Show designer Diana Coenen can also pride herself on her works, boasting two awards in the category "Beams/Atmospherics Show with Add-On Effects": the ambitious, energetic "Shining" swings its way to second place with its danceable soundtrack and fittingly vigorous laser beats, closely followed by a third place for the comparatively frantic and humorous "Crazy Chicken", which lives up to its title by having the laser beams and shapes of the choreography bounce to a remix of "Bella Ciao".

Enthusiasts of fantasy epics should be no stranger to the third-placed entry in "Beams/Atmospherics Show for Multiple-Scanner Projectors": show designer Roman Schütz conducted a veritable orchestra of laser projectors to the iconic melodies of the "Game of Thrones" title theme, excellently reflecting the dramatic flair and intrigue of its source in a "Royal Play".

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