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Innovative Laser Display on the Bosch IAA stand

On the Bosch exhibition stand of the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, LOBO created an elegant laser projection solution for Bosch Mobility Solutions

 BOSCH IAA 2015 right panels

„Wait! Wasn't there something…? I am sure I saw something moving there!“

At first glance the trade show visitor does not see more than three large background prints at the Bosch Mobility Solutions exhibition stand. But all in a sudden a dazzling and elegant shine rushes over the images, just as it was an integral moving part of the static motive.

It have been the German laser specialists of LOBO, using lasers in a completely different way: Not dazzling bright in a dark environments, but in a rather subtle, reduced and elegant way, three of LOBO's bliss-XS-type laser projectors bring tolife large background prints on this bright stand. With this solution, the stand creates a pleasant antipole to the omnipresent flashy standard LED screen setups on this trade show.

LOBO’s Creative Director Alexander Hennig, head of the most awarded design team of the industry, about this project: „The more your are trying to reduce things, the more you have to think about even the smallest details. Together with us the responsible agency and the client have invested tremendous love to detail, to bring this outstanding trade show presentation to life.“

On the technical side a LACON-5 control system allowed a fully automated operation throughout the 11 trade show days. Due to the high output powers of the lasers, the projection layout made sure than no visitor could be dazzled by the projections.

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