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LOBO Laser Display in Mercedes CES Show Car

The autonomously driving Mercedes prototype F 015 uses an integrated laser display to communicate with pedestrians and other cars.

Just about one month, after having broken another record mark by accepting its 150th ‚Laser Oscar‘ in Las Vegas, LOBO now came back to Vegas in a completely different mission.

On January 5th, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche presented in his keynote on the occasion of the CES consumer electronics trade show Mercedes’ future vision of an autonomously diving car with a spectacular prototype, called „F 015 - Luxury in Motion“.

A central aspect behind this prototype was the communication of an autonomous car with its environment.

The South-German laser specialist developed especially for this show car a miniaturized laser projector, which has been integrated into the Mercedes star and which is capable of projecting a huge variety of information onto the road ahead of the car, as for example distance information and warnings to pedestrians or to other cars.

Whereas in a conventional car the driver would invite a pedestrian to cross the road just with a gesture, this prototype projects with lasers a cross walk on the road indicating a pedestrian in an optically and acoustically way to cross the road.


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