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LOBO stages Giants of Technology

LOBO supplied complete show solutions for two major corporate events in Germany.

 Progroup PM2 Inauguration MainShow

September, Eisenhüttenstadt, 23:00 p.m.

After a princely meal prepared by Sarah Wiener and a fantastic show performance by UV artists, soul diva Della Miles invites the visitors of the inauguration ceremony of the world’s largest paper machine for corrugated boards to the vast terrace in front of the gala pavilion.

This location provides an elevated view onto the impressive new plant of proPapier, which extents from a power plant on one end to the distribution center at the other side over a length of 2,7 km. At first everything seams as always, then all of a sudden a female artist rises in front of the spectators in the air, lifted by a helium balloon, and then she gracefully sparks off the fire in the power plant. Symbolized by a dazzling bright laser beam, the energy is transferred onto the main facility which then comes to life. What initially looked like the regular glass façade of the administration building, suddenly turns into a stage of unbelievable events: ghost lights speed through the offices, flashes move along the facade and suddenly ceilings start to move and walls collapse. In the background appears the impressive paper machine. Last but not least, the entire scenery sinks into a frenzy of light and colors in form of three-dimensional laser sculptures.

This spectacular production of incredible dimensions was developed and implemented by the multi-awarded show design team of the German laser and multimedia specialist LOBO. Many know LOBO as a globally active, renowned manufacturer and service provider in the show laser industry or as the supplier of special effects, often seen at events of international scale.

But what started as a manufacturer of light control devices and laser equipment 30 years ago, is today the most awarded creative Think Tank of its branch. Thanks to the unique cooperation of designers and qualified engineers under one roof, over and over again new spectacles and surprising new effects come alive.

LOBO's Creative Director Alexander Hennig: “We are not an agency, and we never wanted to be one. Others can do that better than we do. But for many agencies we are a supplier of ideas and a service provider for extraordinary experiences. We consider our strengths in the synergetic harmony of idea and technology. Often we have seen the birth of good ideas but unfortunately without focusing on the technical feasibility. On the other hand, you often see tons of new equipment applied without any sense or purpose. In both cases, poor results and disappointment among spectators and clients are the results. 
We, however, consider ourselves as uncompromising doers; folks who practically experiment with the interaction of different media and means of expression and so create something new. At the inauguration of the paper plant in Eisenhüttenstadt it was not just building mapping, not just aerial acrobatics and not just light and lasers, but a good idea implemented with a harmoniously synchronized media mix for a well-balanced, multi-sensorial experience. In addition, we also develop a suitable event components, as e.g. the show program for the dinner in the gala pavilion. We are very proud, that no certain creative style can be assigned to LOBO. We contiuously re-invent ourselves. Otherwise we quickly would become uninteresting for many of our long-term customers. No modified recipes, but a steady change and the pursuit of novelty is our motto.

To turn these projects into practice, LOBO maintains a huge multimedia studio complex in addition to its laser, video and CGI production. It is jam-packed with the latest media and effect technology including dozens of projection surfaces, a large water basin with Water Screens and particularly unusual equipment, like e.g. a 3D sound system from IOSONO based on wave field synthesis. This studio is the playground of the creatives. Already during the first layout of a show, it is possible to see whether a new idea will really work in practice. And long before the set-up at the actual venue, clients can see there their show and, if necessary, can undertake corrective action.

Different location, Ludwigshafen, precisely 13 days later

The Wirtgen Group, the head brand of the construction machinery manufacturers Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann, has invited all dealers and key clients worldwide the brand new production plant of the road paving specialist Vögele for it’s annual "Wirtgen Group Technology Days". 3.500 people from more than 100 countries responded to the call.

Also for this project, LOBO is in charge for the creative and technical master plan. A team of approx. 50 specialists takes care of the realization on-site. The concept starts with light and special effects during the factory tour, continues with an impressive staging of the exhibits on the outside area, plus a multimedia show and the show concept inside a huge gala pavilion and finally ends with the so-called “Parade of Innovations”. Here LOBO staged the most innovative products of the Wirtgen Group in a mystic and spectacular ambience in combination with fire-artists, pyros, fire effetcs, light and laser effects in front of a huge seating gallery accommodating all visitors.

Already the technical equipment for the Parade is quite immense. Especially for this event a huge area on the factory site was completely asphalted. In this area, a dedicated show arena with respectable dimensions of approx. 120 x 70 m was created plus a grandstand for 3.500 guests. Even for the gala pavilion, new ground was entered. In co-operation of the companies Tentfox and Deko Event a giant new membrane roof-tent was developed providing extraordinary space on a surface of 110 x 60 meters ground surface and carried by just eight 30m high masts. Hennig: “The tent is a real revolution. Unlike other solutions of this scale, we had no disturbing structures to place a large central stage including large-screen projections and an optimal show set-up with Water Screens, 6 laser projectors and the corresponding lighting equipment.

Also at this event, LOBO remained true to its maxim to reinvent itself again and again. Just as the proGroup, who already inaugurated three plants with LOBO, also this long-term customer expected that the outdoor show is conceptually coordinated to the indoor show, but nevertheless providing a completely different kind of experience.

The responsible person for this event, Marketing Manager Roland Schug: “Based on the very positive experience from the past, we again decided to go for a cooperation with the company LOBO. LOBO with it’s Creative Director Alexander Hennig, always understands in an outstanding way to meet our requests and ideas and to implement the two main show elements which excited our international guests. The cooperation with the main players of LOBO during the planning period of approx. 10 months was characterized by creativity, time and cost efficiency as well as a large portion of customer-orientation. We already looking forward to the opportunity of a follow-up project with the Company LOBO.”


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