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75th Anniversary of Turkey, Ankara

LOBO organized the official ceremony for Turkey's 75th anniversary with a huge multimedia show right in front of the parliament building in Ankara. On 23 April 1995 – exactly 75 years after the Turkish Parliament was founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – around 80,000 spectators, including more than 200 government representatives, gathered to celebrate the 75th National Holiday. Lasers, water, fireworks, video, and live performances are the central building blocks of the 30-minute journey through Turkish history. A laser truck projects the content onto a 25 m wide jet Water Screen, which is flanked by two additional video projections (some with authentic black-and-white footage). Two further fiber-optic-supplied laser projectors project directly onto the 35 m high parliament building, combined with pyrotechnic effects and a gigantic high-altitude fireworks display. The show therefore becomes a successful synthesis of spectacular show effects of the modern age and authentic material from the past.

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