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High performance at low sea-level

With two spectacular shows, LOBO sets new standards in the Middle East.

Alwadi Resort Laser on Water Screen

With 400 meters below sea-level, the multimedia show at the new Alwadi Water Park in Jordan is probably the deepest permanently installed multimedia show worldwide. Built right at the shore of the Dead Sea, the country’s leading water resort not only provides thrilling water rides in front of an overwhelming landscape, but also an outstanding laser and multimedia show in the evening above the central wave pool.

The client contracted LOBO to develop a world-class multimedia experience which does not come up with any restrictions for the daylight activities in the wave pool in any way. For this reason LOBO designed a removable Spray Water Screen with a motor-driven mechanism to lower it into the pool just when it is needed.
The screen with a width of approximately 30 meters and a height of 12 meters is used for hologram-like projections of video and laser, both invisibly installed in a special building integrated in the end of the pool. Together with two additional monochrome laser projectors, left and right of the pool and fog machines, the laser system can create stunning three-dimensional atmospheric beam effects, surrounding the audience in front of the impressive backdrop of the Dead Sea. In addition, pyro effects, gas flames and moving lights make the show a perfect illusion.
The completely automated control is effected at the press of a button by a LACON-5 multimedia controller. The client can choose from different programs, such as for example an individualized version of the AMACEON multimedia spectacular.

Not many kilometers away, in Beirut / Lebanon, people can enjoy another impressive LOBO installation. For the new Habtoorland theme park in a hill above the city, LOBO’s engineers developed a new attraction in an amphitheater, especially built for a spectacular laser show at night. The theater is embedded into the landscape in such a way, that people can see the city lights in the background when watching the show, which is staged every evening. The design of the theater naturally harmonizes with the theming of the surrounding area, hiding all the technical equipment behind stylish, massive wood constructions.

A central stage with musical fountains and a curtain water screen allows for spectacular live performances featuring an invisible projection  layer made up of water. Thanks to this unique solution, video and laser imagery seem to float between the actors on stage and the audience. Due to the impressive size of the venue, the central water-cooled multi-color laser system consisting of lasers with the highest effective brightness available, provides an impressive output power of 32 Watts. In addition, two lateral green projectors allow to cover the whole circular audience area with impressive 3D-atmospherics.

Also Haptoorland makes use of LOBO’s multi-awarded show library which is a very efficient way to get just the very best shows available on the world market perfectly individualized for such a venue at a minimum of investment. With more than 100 ILDA Awards of the International Laser Display Association, no other company in the world is in position to deliver so many internationally awarded show programs, as LOBO can do.


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