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Laser Visions for BMW

LOBO‘s ultra-bright "sparks" lasers stage BMW‘s latest eco-car in Leipzig

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Leipzig 2010 Laser Performance 10

A droning heartbeat breaks the silence. All of a sudden, a lightning strikes the air. With every further heartbeat, lasers flash through the darkness in hall no. 1 of the Leipzig Exhibition Center. Accompanied by spherical sounds, two pulsating, dazzling and endlessly appearing planes of pure light spread up. At first, it is not more than an unreal shadow. But then you recognize BMW‘s revolutionary sports car study "Vision Efficient Dynamics" rushing silently towards the audience.


This press event was a bombshell for BMW, which even for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was worth attending. From this day on, it is clear that this technically innovative study with its dynamic exterior design, which caused a lot of sensation during the last IAA motor show, is about to become reality. 328 horsepower and the silent acceleration of a classy sports car at stunning 33 g of CO2/km only are the incredible benchmarks of this eco-car whose fully functioning prototype the press could experience now for the first time.


On behalf of the technical solution provider "Neumann & Müller", LOBO staged the presentation of the vehicle with two of the multi-awarded "sparks" laser systems – probably the world‘s brightest multi-color laser systems today.


LOBO president Mr. Bopp: "The decisive criteria for applying the new "sparks" laser technology was its incredible efficiency and eco-friendliness which can indeed match the ecological aspects of the presented product. Thanks to our innovative optical system, we do achieve an extreme brightness at a maximum power consumption of not more than 600 Watts. This corresponds to roughly 1 % of the power consumption of large-frame lasers just two years ago. So, in fact we turned lasers from electricity hogs to one of the most eco-friendly solutions in the entertainment industry." 


Press commentaries:


"Süddeutsche" Newspaper (translation):


"Artificial wafts of fog pervade hall no. 1 of the Leipzig Exhibition Center whilst dazzling bright laser beams flash through the dark room synchronously to powerful sound. The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics is humming virtually silently over the polished floor and cuts across the dark room with its squinted LED eyes."


"Spiegel" News magazine (translation):


"The scene is spectacular. It is late at night and this part of the exhibition area in Leipzig is widely barricaded. Dark limousines constantly drive up and friendly hostesses guide the visitors into a pitch-black hall. Then, spherical sounds can be heard (...), lasers flash through artificial fog and the sculpture of a futuristic car appears slowly. The actual car is not new as such and could already be seen as Vision Efficient Dynamics on the IAA in Frankfurt last year. However, the message of this evening which was also announced by BWM development manager Klaus Draeger after the fog show, was surprising: The vision comes true and the green sports car will really be manufactured."



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