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LOBO presents marine laser projector for cruise ships and yachts

The new bliss®-X4A Compact RGB Marine and outdoor projector has been especially designed for harsh open sea environments thanks to an IP64-rated, splashwater-proof housing made of highly alloyed steel.

Lasershow X4A Aufmacher PRESS

The new projector, developed from scratch, offers an innovative cooling concept which guarantees that no relevant components have direct contact the air outside but which still ensures a generous cooling capacity. Signal transmission is effected by optical cables, which are completely unsusceptible to the influence of water. All this makes the new bliss®-X4A RGB-Projector to an ideal projector onboard of cruise ships and yachts.

By means of special mounting rails, it is really easy to install and to be serviced. So, the projector is even suited for adverse installation positions, such as in narrow recesses, below beams or behind wall panels.

With real polarized beam overlay and LOBO’s revolutionary PCS system, the laser unit provides an outstanding effective brightness without the disadvantages of typical diode laser projectors, basing on parallel beam alignment. The typical beam diameter of just approximately 1.8 mm, an average divergence of 0.8 mrad and a typical effective brightness of 328 W/m² predestines this laser system for typical pool deck applications.

The built in digital high-speed scanning unit provides unparalleled precision and speed and features an active safety monitoring system as well as full remote configuration by all controllers supporting the DDL-2® protocol.

These new projectors already prove their special capabilities on installations on the high seas.

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