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LOBO receives VR Innovation Award

The world-renowned laser show specialist from Aalen receives the VR-InnovationsPreis Mittelstand for its ultra-bright sparks laser show system.

Gundula Gause in discussion with Lothar Bopp

It is far from the first award for the LOBO engineers and designers. With no less than 111 awards from the US-based industry association ILDA, LOBO takes first spot among all ILDA laureates for exceptional creative achievements, leaving everyone else in the dust. Within only a decade, the full-range manufacturer, previously known primarily for innovative laser show products, became probably the most decorated name in the design of laser and multimedia shows.

Still, the company was also showered in awards in its traditional market, the development and production of laser show and media technology. For example, these included Fenning Awards for a laser show safety system or for the DDL system – a technological leap forward, simplifying the handling of laser show devices while also significantly improving technical reliability and laser safety.

Already in 1992, LOBO received the State Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economy, the TiLE Award, the Golden Eye Award, as well as the LDI Award in the field of laser and media controls units.

However, never before has LOBO received as many awards for a single product as for the high-performance show laser “sparks”, which was introduced only last year and is probably the world’s brightest laser system. With its exterior, this wholly new developed product family already sets itself apart from anything else previously available on the market. However, the design is not only an end in itself, as demonstrated by the iF Product Design Award, the redDot Design Award, as well as the nomination for the German Design Award.

Even for LOBO’s laser specialists, who are spoilt by success, the fact that the team around CEO Lothar Bopp was able to accept the VR InnovationsPreis Mittelstand from the hands of heute journal presenter Gundula Gause and the President of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative Association Gerhard Roßwog on June 23 in Heilbronn under the patronage of Prime Minister Mappus is something very special.

After all, the VR InnovationsPreis is not a sector-specific award, but rather a general industry award with record participation this year, with a high-profile jury from the fields of economy and science only awarding three laureates. Accordingly, hard-hitting facts, such as the state-of-the-art optical system of the “sparks” projectors, optimized for maximum brightness, the unique modular system set-up as well as environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, are decisive in addition to design quality.

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