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LOBO stages a monumental spectacular for Wirtgen

For Wirtgen, LOBO created the opulent „Show of Synergies“ with giant mining machines, more than 20 artists and uncounted special effects.

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Thunderous applause, euphoric guests and amazed clients. Never before the approximately 2500 guests of the Wirtgen Mineral Technology Days, coming from all parts of the world to Mülheim an der Mosel, experienced their working equipment in such a way.

For 20 minutes everything was in motion in the purpose-built show arena: Artists descended from the sky, fought on the 32 m high tower of an asphalt mixing plant, plunged to the ground, speeded towards the audience or raged with furious fire acrobatics around the machines conquering the show arena with an impressing choreography. The audience just went crazy as a giant truck drove in, loaded with a jet-like asphalt burner and accompanied by artists with flame throwers.

Within just 2 months LOBO's Creative Director Alexander Hennig created this striking show with approximately 50 technicians and artists. An enormous challenge, as it involved to train giant machines with a length of up to 25 m and a weight of sometimes more than 100 tons to do ballet overnight.

Hennig: „We only had one single night for rehearsal with machines and artists. In such a case only a thoroughgoing preparation is the key to success. So we visualized the whole show under realistic conditions in 3D. This made sure that there will be no collisions in darkness and that artists will always be safe in spite of their complex acrobatics close to moving machines.“

Among the artists a worldwide renowned tricking crew caused sensation with their impressing artistry creating dazzling fire trails all around them. An aerial artist suspended from a ballon played a fairy who turned the tides in a battle between good and evil with fire artists and robots. Stuntmen delivered speedy vertical performances, impressing drops and the escape of the Lord of Evil right into the audience by means of a zipline. Fire drummers created a mystical atmosphere high above the arena in front of a 80 m2 LED screen.

On the technical side, LOBO went all out: Beyond a sophisticated setup of effect lighting equipment, „sparks“ and „bliss“-type lasers and a remarkable line-up of pyro effects, LOBO also premiered with a new version of their Water Screens which does not require any water basin at all. The Water Screen allowed to create projections in the center of the arena floating in mid-air. If not required anymore, it took no more than 2 minutes to remove it.

Hennig: „What once started as a show laser company about 35 years ago, became an internationally established supplier for multi-sensoric life spectaculars and special effects today. In this show, lasers were not more than one special effects of many. The deciding factor was to develop a striking concept which emotionally captures the audience and which could reliably be implemented by our team within a minimum of time.“

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