LOBO’s laser gun shoots beyond all limits

With their new „infinity beam“, LOBO just launched a completely new product category of long-range laser systems and sky-tracking laser moving heads. Beyond its spectacular look, it is beating existing long-range lasers and conventional searchlights in almost every aspect.

 infinity beam in Action rear

It is hard to put your feelings into words, when you see this machine for the first time. It is like being part of a science-fiction movie. Its futuristic and martial design, its majestic movement and its ultra-bright multi-color beam, as it pierces through the darkness of the night sky, just leaves you spellbound. A product out of this world with properties deemed impossible so far.

The Reference in Brightness for Multicolor-Entertainment Lasers

With its legendary sparks series, LOBO revolutionized the laser entertainment market three years ago. One of the keys of its success is a proprietary optical system called PCS. It increases the real-life brightness of the laser by 9 times compared to conventional lasers of the same power. This was achieved by bundling the available power into a thinner, thus brighter beam. It was the basis for many new applications and breathtaking projects, including the world's largest installation of display lasers, the Ashgabat Towers Project in Turkmenistan.

With their new infinity beam, LOBO brought anything they learned with sparks to the next level. The result is a rigid outdoor multi-color laser system for the really big shows.

Perfectly protected inside a rigid IP 54 stainless steel enclosure it is the very first laser system to house up to four of Coherent's latest-generation Viper lasers. They are the reference for advanced OPSL technology and pump out up to almost 100 W of pure laser light in an ultra-sharp TEM00 beam. Common solutions basing of the new Vipers are bulky, water-cooled and require external heat exchangers or chillers. Thanks to a sophisticated internal multi-stage cooling system, LOBO managed to create an air-cooled approach within one single, compact enclosure for their new flagship product family.

But in addition to the striking properties of this new laser generation, the real revolution behind infinity beam is its completely re-designed optical system called DSC, which increases the effective brightness on long distances by up to 50 times compared to conventional systems with the same lasers!

Highest Energy-Efficiency

Even the largest searchlight-style outdoor luminaries drawing up to 10 kW of power rarely reach out for more than 10 km. In comparison to that, LOBO’s new laser beast easily crosses distances of more than 60 km under favorable weather conditions. And in spite of the significantly higher reach, these next-generation sky-trackers have a considerably smaller Carbon footprint with typically just 2,5 kW. In comparison to regular light, lasers virtually do not cause scattered light, leading to light pollution above urban areas. These properties make infinity beam the most eco-friendly long-range solution in the skies.

Modular Design for utmost Flexibility

As all LOBO products, also the infinity beam follows an uncompromising modular approach, allowing to tailor the laser system exactly to the client’s specific needs. Consequently, the client cannot only freely choose his laser configuration, but also between an adjustable static or a heavy-duty moving head base. In addition, display heads for typical laser show performances or for long-range applications, for projections or for aerial beams are available. Therefore infinity beam is not just made for sky-dominating laser beams, but also for atmospherics at big outdoor shows and for giant long-range projections onto buildings or even mountains. When it comes to sky-tracking applications, infinity beam systems can directly be controlled by DMX without the need for additional laser control equipment.

A Game Changer in Laser Entertainment

LOBO‘s president Lothar Bopp: „Our new infinity beam series is a game changer and a completely new product category in large-scale laser entertainment. Infinity beam is the brightest, yet most eco-friendly multi-color laser entertainment solution on the market.

For regular show use, there is a wide choice of solutions on the market. But whenever it came to aerial beams or long-range projections, laser companies had no other choice than to create sometimes adventurous setups. Some even experiment with industry lasers, originally built for completely different things. Such lasers lack anything you need for show applications. They are bulky and sensitive, as they are not designed for road use, but for controlled industry- or laboratory-degree environments. Above that, they are usually only available in green color, kicking us back to the 90s.

With infinity beam, we now have an extremely flexible multi-color outdoor infrastructure for long-range applications and giant show performances. In comparison to most other long-range lasers they have the key advantage to be suitable for long-distance audience-scanning atmospherics, as they are not pulsed but CW. Thus, there is no need for compromises anymore.

We are thrilled to see what the world's leading lighting designers will create with this groundbreaking new technology.“

As infinity beam lasers will frequently require distributed installations over larger distances, LOBO provides a GPS-based, wireless synchronization system over any distances – even between continents.

Certainly, such a laser system is no toy. Especially when operated in open airspace, it takes a lot of expertise handling laser systems of the infinity beam class in a safe way and in accordance to all applicable safety standards. In addition to multi-redundant technical safety measures in each system, LOBO tries to reach a maximum safety standard by including free laser safety training for the operators of each system sold.


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