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The Mega Laser Show of the White Nights

Market-leader LOBO staged the highlight of the „White Nights“ in Bucharest. For more than 80.000 spectators it has been the show of their lives.

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„Good morning, Bucharest“ broke through the silence of the night at exactly 2:00 a.m. in the morning via the 100.000 Watts sound system along Liberty-Boulevard in front of the impressive facade of the Rumanian Houses of Parliaments, the largest building in Europe. More than 80.000 enthusiastic spectators, who celebrated through the night, cheered frenetically and longed for the highlight of the „Noaptea Alba“, the „White Night“.

Then it started: Just like holograms, the landmarks of the town float in mid-air  as gigant laser projections in front of the spectators. Laser flashes twitch above their heads, and just a few moments later, all spectators are surrounded by gracefully dazzling, three-dimensional sculptures made of pure light.
The show gains more and more of dynamic until suddenly massive fire balls dart up to 13 m towards the night sky synchronously to the music.  With every minute of this gigantic laser show,  the euphoria of the masses increases. Finally after three encores, the spectacle ends 45 minutes later.

The governmental client did not expect such an enormous effect by far. For the New Year’s Celebrations, they already spent quite a lot of money for a laser show carried out by another German company. Nevertheless, such a show as presented at the White Nights no one in the city has ever seen before.

Already some days earlier, the set-up of the laser systems at the river banks opposite the Houses of Parliaments caused quite a sensation as parts of main streets were blocked for the laser show equipment.  At one side of the river banks, LOBO installed the complete laser equipment, one part in a laser truck and the other part on 10 m high scaffold platforms.

In the spectator’s area, P. A. towers and constructions for effects and fog equipment as well as LED walls for live transmissions were installed along the approx. 50 m wide and approx. 1.200 m long boulevard. In the river, a floating Water Screen with a width of 40 m and a height of almost 20 m was installed.

The comment of LOBO General Manager, Lothar Bopp, regarding the applied technology: “The show demonstrated that the output power of a laser is not primarily responsible for the effective brightness, but to an extremely high degree the beam quality is more important.

With an entire output power amounting to just 40 W, lasers with the highest effective brightness were used. The result was impressive: brilliant effects, homogenous in color and clearly defined over a total distance of approx. 1,5 kilometers between the beam exit and the very last spectators. For this purpose LOBO used, besides  professional air-cooled DPSS lasers, type Viper, also a redundantly designed system of water-cooled Sabre gas-ion multi-color lasers which were modified with special optics in order to achieve optimal beam parameters. The central laser system including a complete backup system together with the central control room was optimally protected inside a Laser Truck Container. The power load of the entire show technology amounted to 400.000 W.

Obviously the spectators liked it. Already two hours later, the first videos of the show appeared on YouTube and until morning four-digit number of visitors accessed the videos on this website.

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