TiLE-Award for LOBOs LACON-5

At the TiLE in Strasbourg, the German Company LOBO electronic showed for the first time how laser light can be combined with other progressive techniques to become a fascinating medium for entertaining masses of spectators in amusement parks as well as in planetariums.

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At this year´s TiLE in Strasbourg, known as the international marketplace for new attractions in amusement parks, LOBO introduced the new laser and multimedia workstation LACON-5, which was being honored right from the standing position with a "TiLE Award of Excellence" as the outstanding product of the year.

The jury, consisting of producers like the company Silicon Graphics, designers of new attractions as well as of representatives of amusement parks like Disney, acknowledged with this award the innovative user interface, the flexible hardware concept as well as the outstanding multimedia capabilities of the workstation.

LACON-5 opens new dimensions for interactive and multimedia use of laser technology. For the first time it is possible to control up to 12 laser projectors, lighting systems, videos, slides, sound and complex peripheral devices by one computer in real time.

Up to now, SMPTE-controlled light controllers, sound equipment, laser systems and, sometimes, a slide and video controller were needed for larger shows or events, always terminating their cooperation whenever their functioning was important.

Now a single machine is combining all medial components in perfection. It goes without saying, that this not only finds expression in a lower price but also in a better operation security.

Besides the programming and performance of pre-produced shows, the real time capability of the LACON-5 also allows the realization of interactive games or of walk-through multimedia adventure worlds.

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