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HISTORAMA, Europa-Park

The "HISTORAMA" at Europa-Park is a newly designed multimedia attraction where 3 audience cabins can be rotated through a total of 6 scenes. The attraction is dedicated to the more than 250-year history of Europa-Park and presents a variety of interesting and curious facts from the park's history in an entertaining way. A total of 27 digital video projections with a total light output of over 160,000 lumens create images and 180° panoramas that put the audience in the centre of the action. 12 of these video projections move through the scenes together with the audience. No fewer than 9 laser projectors create three-dimensional beam effects and sophisticated 3D projections. One laser projector is mounted on the arm of an industrial robot; two others are fully mobile. Some special highlights are free-floating 3D projections with laser and video, a novel holoflow fog projection surface, and a writing waterfall. Lovingly designed scenes and numerous special effects, including wind, fog, water, and light effects as well as three stage lifts, water fountains, and a water screen round off the spectacle. A surround system specially designed for the geometry of the auditorium provides rich, three-dimensional sound. The entire installation is controlled by a LACON-5 real-time workstation, which allows easy programming and maintenance of the attraction via a laptop.

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