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Thyssen Testturm - Opening (short version)

Spectacular opening of the Thyssen Test Tower - the first test tower for high-speed lifts in the world, and at 246 m the highest observation platform in Germany -, with a brilliant laser show (here in an extremely condensed version). A laser show from a dizzying height of 246 m and icy winds over a distance of 1300 m, precisely targeted in three demarcated spectator areas. In addition, a precise connection with 8 historic towers in Rottweil via individual laser beams and accompanying fireworks, completely synchronised with the show music, which was transmitted live via radio station. No less was the task of the client; LOBO accomplished this with flying colours by placing a fully air-conditioned, 3.5-ton Laser Truck (in the compact version) on the roof of the tower, equipped with 5 ultra-bright laser projectors as well as a separate infinity beam high-power laser. LACON-5 laser and multimedia workstations, equipped with LOBO's GPS Time Code modules, provided satellite-accurate synchronisation between laser, fireworks and music - directly from the radio station. This way, not only the three audience areas, but also every radio listener in the vicinity could enjoy the music simultaneously and in sync with the 12-minute multimedia show.

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