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EC-Laser bundles the Power of the Mountains

A laser beam between Austria and Switzerland should bundle the 'Power of the Mountains' to lead the two host countries to a victory at the Euro08. Although it did not really work, it was looking great.

Kraft der Berge Schematic

Sometimes the simple ideas raise most of the attention. While the Austrian and Swiss national soccer teams still were in the game of the Euro08, one could see a brilliant and bright green laser beam crossing the plains between the Pfaender mountain above the Austrian city of Bregenz and its majestic Swiss equivalent, the Saentis.

It was the Austrian artist Gregor Koller who developed this spectacular project, called "Kraft der Berge" (power of mountains), which was intended to bring together the worlds of soccer and art. The funny basic idea: the laser beam should transfer the power of the mountains to the two national soccer teams of the host countries Austria and Switzerland. According to Koller, the project should push the low developed soccer euphoria in both countries and increase the awareness for other cultural projects during the Euro08 on the project’s website.

To make this idea come true, the German laser specialist LOBO installed on top of the Pfaender a green high-power laser, featuring special optics to cross the distance of more than 40 kilometers between the two mountains. Thanks to the use of the brightest laser available on the market, the mission was accomplished perfectly from the technical side and it really looked phenomenal even over longer distances. But obviously the very cloudy and rainy weather might have disturbed the energy transmission to the players, which could be an explanation, why none of the teams will be seen in the final.

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