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Spooky weeks at the Europa Park with LOBO

For the Halloween season at the Europa Park, LOBO was engaged in the Halloween show, which has been very successful for many years and in an additional project.

Terenzi flat

During the last days of the season, the 10-days Halloween festival at the Europa Park enchants the visitors with an unmatched lineup of artists and equipment. Directed by  Achim Schnitzer and the technical director Andreas Römer, a fanciful spectacle on the basis of a weird horror musical in a castle scenery which was designed especially for this occasion was created: A young couple is seeking shelter in an old castle and enters a mysterious world full of spooky characters.


A total of 6 lasers created fascinating atmospheric effects and projected breathtaking pictures onto 3 giant Water Screens during the spectacle. The live performances of artists like Nelly Patty, Orion OJ Lynch, Beatrice Reece and special guest Marc Terenzi were accentuated by spectacular fire effects and water fountains. The choreography of the Europa Park ballet and many acrobats did not only amaze the younger spectators. The individual show concept of laser, fountains and pyrotechnics as well as dance interludes was perfectly tailored to the music which was exclusively composed for the show.


Nevertheless, LOBO was not only engaged in the festival show during the Halloween season. With an additional ultra-bright laser system of the new “sparks” laser generation, LOBO also significantly enhanced the dark ride “Euro SAT” a roller-coaster which is located inside of a huge silver bowl and which has been equipped with a laser already. LOBO’s Creative Director, Mr. Alexander Hennig: “Thanks to the clever application of various bouncing and effect mirrors, the “sparks” laser reaches every corner of the roller-coaster. In combination with a light barrier control, we were able to create the illusion that the trains are bombarded with blazing laser beams from all sides, like in Star Wars. A truly phenomenal effect!”


Both projects were extremely successful: Although the installation in the roller-coaster was initially planned to be only temporary for a few weeks, the “sparks” system was kept even for the winter period and the entire forthcoming season. And thanks to the Halloween spectacles, the highest number of visitors in the Europa Park ever was reached.



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